Films from nine countries were included in the Russia-Islamic World program of the Kazan Film Festival

Non-competition program of the Strategic vision group Russia-Islamic world within the XIX Kazan International Muslim Film Festival will present ten films from nine countries.

This year, the non-competition section "Russia - Islamic World" included the works of filmmakers from Russia, Türkiye, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and India. The program also included the film Crier, made by Tatarstani director Almaz Nurgaliev.

"This program is developed around the cinematography of the countries that are part of the strategic vision group "Russia – Islamic World". First and foremost, the program is based on geographical principles. Only the film "Maryam" from India is contrary to the geographical principle, but the selection committee members decided to include the film in the program because of the Muslim issues raised. We are also guided by the principles of the Muslim Film Festival and take into consideration the necessary qualities of the films accepted at the Kazan Film Forum. As usual, the program includes 10 films. The prize fund will amount to 300 thousand rubles," said Nina Kochelyaeva, the chairman of the KIMFF selection committee, the director of the New Institute of Cultural Studies, Candidate of Historical Sciences, leading researcher, head of the Department for the development and assessment of film education techniques at VGIK, expert of the scientific and educational center "Civil Society and Social Communications" of the IPACS RANEPA, Laureate of the Russian Government Prize in Education (2021).

According to Nina Kochelyaeva, as in the main competition, the attention in the presented films is paid to human relationships, family relationships, ethical issues, survival, and communication between people in extreme situations. She stressed that the program reflects all the trends of the Kazan Film Festival.

The selection committee member, Doctor of Philology, Professor, and Head of the Department of Philology and Regional Studies of the Russian Islamic Institute Timur Shaikhullin stressed that when selecting films, the committee was guided by the principles of humanism and humanity, trying to distract itself from films containing scenes of cruelty and violence. "The concept of the festival is based on the dialogue of cultures, and therefore we wanted to make sure that the films were aimed at the implementation of this concept or related to it," he said.

Timur Shaikhullin invited the audience to the festival to watch films from the non-competition program "Russia-Islamic World" and plunge into the world of mentality, traditions, and customs of representatives of various peoples and beliefs. He concluded that it was crucial to see the embodiment of Muslim spiritual values on the screen.

Timur Shaikhullin invited the viewers to the festival to see films of the non-competition program "Russia - Islamic World" and plunge into the world of mentality, traditions, and customs of representatives of various peoples and faiths. "And, of course, to see the embodiment of Muslim moral values on the screen," he concluded.

We remind you that the XIX Kazan International Muslim Film Festival will be held in the capital of Tatarstan from September 5 to 9 with the support of the Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the Ministry of Culture of Russia, as well as in partnership with the strategic vision group "Russia – Islamic World". The Kazan festival is held under the motto "Through the dialogue of cultures, to the culture of dialogue."

The program "Russia – Islamic World" can be found at the link.
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